Achieving Work-Life Balance Simplified


Reaching a healthful work-life balance is very important. It is about striking the right balance between your work commitments and your personal life and might be done in partnership with your employer.

Many roles in the handicap, aged and community care sector don’t conform to some standard 9-5 working day or a normal week. The upside is that they could provide higher flexibility with regards to organizing the household, working while you study or following a specific hobby.

Some of the recognized advantages of a healthful work-life balance include:

• Decreased stress levels, in the home and at work
• Greater attention and concentration on the task at hand 
• Higher levels of job satisfaction 
• A chance to participate more fully in community and family life
• longer time to pursue personal goals and bull & hobbies; Improved health

Here are Career Director’ top tips to achieve work-life equilibrium :

• Work out what matters — be realistic about your needs and goals. By way of example, it’s far better to know that you won’t be capable to manage on part-time wages before you’ve started discussions with your employer compared to realize it halfway through.

• Know your entitlements — there’s a lot of information available on elastic, family-friendly working structures. Be sure you take benefit of this and know precisely what you’re entitled to.

• Negotiate an arrangement — whatever outcome you’re looking for, a goal for a win-win situation by expecting your manager’s concerns, and emphasizing business benefits.

• Schedule your time — a very simple method to manage your time is using activity logs, prioritized ‘to-do’ lists, or action plans to successfully monitor where the hours move.

• Learn how to say ‘no’ — to get real balance in your own life you sometimes need to say ‘no’ to unreasonable demands. This way you’ll always leave work with a clear conscience.

• Ask for help — in case you’re working to the best of your ability, and you’re still feeling the strain, delegate in case you can or ask for help. There’ll be people and processes in place to help.

• Look after your health — ensure you get sufficient sleep, eat healthily, and exercise on a regular basis. Relaxation is a superb stress-buster, so make time for your favorite hobby.

• Concentrate on closing results — stay motivated, concentrate on positive outcomes just just just as much as possible, and take action as opposed to procrastinating.

• Take time out for you — resist the temptation to allow work spill over into your personal life. Consider ‘unplugging’ on a regular basis out of your laptop computer, e-mail and mobile phone.


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