BOSS vs LEADER: Decode The Difference


The ultimate aim for both kinds of leadership: A boss vs Leader is getting the job done. It is just the behavioral aspect of the man who gets that done. A boss follows the authoritarian style where as a leader follows a transformation style. These are both human resource terms and can be easily understood from their names.

What you want to be or what type of leadership you prefer is up to you, but there are a few differences in them, which can help your team, do better work and like you more.

1. Management Style

A boss manages the staff, he tells what to do, where as a leader works with the staff doing it with them thus bringing into work utmost excellence. This is the major difference between a Boss vs Leader

2. The Emotional Quotient

A leader has a higher EQ than a boss. A boss will never care about the staff empathetically, but a leader will, and thus will be liked more by the boss. A boss is a subject matter expert whereas leader is an emotional and people expert. This is what makes the difference when they both have to solve conflicts. People don’t trust a boss, but a leader as they are connected to them personally in a way.

3. Shared Feeling Of Succes

Bosses need you to perform well for their success but in case of a leader, it is shared. They want you to feel successful even if you failed.One of the incredible characteristics of a leader is linking individual success to the success of those they lead. If those people do not succeed, the leaders have failed in both their minds – and hearts. Furthermore, they never take a task as if it is their own.

4. Self-accountability

Leaders are confident enough to hold themselves accountable for a job gone wrong, also, self-accountability is contagious and spreads further to the team whereas for a boss, it is tough to maintain that hard-core authoritarian style and admit that they are wrong as the team may find it amusing for a perfect person to go wrong.

5. Authority and Influence

Leaders have a friendly relationship with the team they lead until unless it is really required to solve a ruckus or a conflict, they depend on influencing the team, unlike a boss who prefers a whiplash style of authority thus depending on authority.

6. The Team’s Career Build-up

Leaders want you to be more successful than they are. A boss always wants to be the Boss. This is a big difference between a boss vs leader. A boss always wants to stay your boss. A leader, much like a parent, wants you to do better. A leader would proudly build you to ‘the boss’ and help you to build up your career. They will be a great Mentor.

7. Building An Employee’s Confidence

Bosses keep you wondering or in fear just enough so that you tell them what they want to hear because they don’t want you to stand up to them. A boss will never want you to say things they don’t want to hear. They just assume that everyone will agree to them and thus they need no conflict resolution techniques for their employees or with the employees.
But, for a leader, they build your confidence and trust so you will tell them what they need to hear, and if it’s not the same, maybe they will learn from you or you will learn something from them. They know the fact that trust is a basic requirement for being influential. This is the gist of a Boss Vs Leader

8. Breaking The Rules

Unlike a boss, a leader will always know when to break the rules. But here’s the gist of it: Sometimes you need to be a boss, and sometimes you need to be a leader.
A boss is someone your staff reports to seriously and not taking him for granted. They usually have a clear guideline of what is required of whom. Usually, bosses work for leaders.

A leader helps his or her employees grow with the hopes that, at some point, they might even be more capable than they are. A leader understands when the rules need to be broken, but breaks them for the right reasons like benefit of the employees.


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