Career & Opportunities For MBBS Aspirants


The Medical Line is rather tough compared to engineering. The MBBS course is five years long compared to BE which is 4 years only.

After completing MBBS you’ve numerous options for furthering your career.

You might be sure of one thing which there’s no dearth of jobs once you’ve completed your MBBS.

Here are 10 opportunities MBBS aspirants can latch onto.

Post Graduation/Specialty

The first option will be continuing your education. I know those of you would like to make a little money wouldn’t like this though.

Nevertheless at the long term this may be an superb thing.

Post graduation extends to you 3 selections.

• A specialty at MD or MS for at least 2 Decades
• Post Graduate Diploma for 2 Decades 
• Diploma of National Board or DNB for 3 Decades 

These 3 selections are extremely much preferred after you’ve completed your MBBS and want to continue your education.

Clinical Practice

If you don’t want to continue with your education and want to earn money then Clinical Practice is the ideal way to start.

You need to use your 5 years of MBBS expertise and start a practice. You Clinical Practice could be in government sector as well as private sector.

Hospital Management or Administration

Hospital Direction or Administration is growing rapidly in India.

Corporate culture in medical services is increasing and hospitals need efficient managers and administrators.

Researcher and PhD Program

In all honesty this is the least favorite option by MBBS graduates.

Research can be classified into science research, cross-sectional research and clinical studies.

Medical Transcription

Even though no one wants to become Medical Transcriptionist after completing MBBS but still this is an option.

Here you’re Transcribing Medical records dictated by physicians in an audio format into a written text.

Combined Medical Service (CMS) and Civil Services

If you desire a job in the public sector then you may go for Combined Medical Service or Content management system conducted by UPSC.

You become a doctor for governmental organizations like Railways, Municipal Corporations, etc.

Medical Professor or some Lecturer

If you would like a simple job then a
Medical Professor or a Lecturer is going to be the best option. As you know there are hundreds of medical schools coming up annually.

They need competent professors and lecturers who will teach medicine to students who have just enrolled.

Overseas Opportunities

Lastly, you may look for Overseas Opportunities. Not for only a job but additionally for pursuing your education.

There are really good PhD applications in US that may change your livelihood.

The big distinction is the money you make. Overseas you’re paid better as in comparison with India. Consequently, a lot of professionals want to stay there.


If you merely want to conduct a practice then monthly Rs 100,000/- to Rs 500,000/- will be enough.

If you’re a professor then you get a stipend. Similarly, for the government sector, you make Rs 50,000/- to Rs 100,000/- a month.


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