Career Opportunity In Indian Army


Let me attempt to paint an image of the Life In Indian Armed Forces | Career, Working, Salary and after that, you can decide for yourself if it’s a fantastic option for you!

Army as a career is among the most prestigious livelihood available options for the youngsters.

Indian Armed Forces are the second largest military in the world with more than 1.4 million active troops and around one million reserve troops. The Army is also upgrading and acquiring new machinery for the advancement of its armoured, artillery, and aviation divisions. Working with the Indian Army comes along with its own perks; the Army supplies a wonderful workplace and encourages its men to participate in their area of interests like Music, Drama, and Sports.

There are various reasons which motivate an individual to join the Indian Armed Forces.

  • Rock Solid Job Security
  • Pay and Allowances
  • Great Facilities for You and Your Loved Ones
  • Great Food at No Price
  • Respect Everywhere You Go
  • Great Post Retirement Options

Career Opportunities:

  • Career opportunities for Officers who take up early/ voluntary retirement after fifteen decades of service: As these officers are just aged around 35 decades, they’ve got a plenty of job opportunities on the market. The government gives them excess leverage in its various examinations, in simpler terms keeping their cut-offs lower compared to the cut-offs for other candidates. In addition, many elects to take up teaching, small businesses, real estate, a launch of SSB training institutes, joining the private sector companies, guest lecturers, and much more.
  • Career opportunities for Officers retiring by the age of 60/post a full service: These Trainers usually wind up with their own training institutes, guest lecturers, launch their little businesses, and some even wind up becoming political enthusiasts. But in all these Ex-Servicemen choose to stay home and enjoy their comfortable lives as serving the country for approx twenty years is a hectic job.

In all the lifetime of Army officer is filled with pride, opportunities, perks, and service to the Nation. The life of Army Officer is no doubt tough however this is that one service without which the taxpayers of this country can not sleep in peace. The entire life seems really overwhelming, along with which comes a big liability of peace and security of the Motherland.


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