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What’s Search Engine Optimization Article Writing?

For those who’re unfamiliar with this phrase, Search Engine Optimization stands for online internet Search Engine Optimization, which basically means trying to rank your website on the very first page of Google.

Search Engine Optimization article writing, particularly, is one small part of Search Engine Optimization and involves writing articles, typically 350-500 words in length, with specific keywords and phrases, and inputting those keywords within the article two or three times. Google then recognizes these keywords, and once folks search for them, your website will rank extremely.

5 Steps to Start Earning Money With Search Engine Optimization Writing

1. Write Samples 

The first thing you should do so if you want to start earning money through Search engine optimization writing is writing 2 templates. It’s significant to write templates because everyone that you contact to ask for work is going to need to see any samples of your writing first, to make certain you don’t make easy grammatical mistakes and spelling mistakes.

You don’t even have to spend too long writing these templates because you will always write new ones after, once your writing gets better with a bit of practice. I advise spending up to one-hour writing every template, no longer.

2. Set Your Cost

When starting out, there’s a tendency for individuals to doubt their capabilities with the quality of their writing plus they undervalue their price.

You have to control the rate that you want to be making in the long run. Search engine optimization companies don’t frequently like to increase the rate they’re paying you, and will all the time drop you as a writer if you ask for a pay increase.

3. Find Work

This could be the point where many individuals have maximum resistance and stop. There are a number of different approaches to find work, however.

You can firstly find work on a Freelance website such as Upwork and compete for jobs. This is usually difficult because you’re competing with folks from other nations that are ready to write articles at an extremely low rate.

4. Contact Businesses

Once you’ve got a list of 50-100 companies, start contacting them. The very best method to contact them is to send them an e-mail offering your own services.

It’s best that you include the business name in every e-mail so that it appears more personal and that you harbor ’t been sending them a generic e-mail that you’ve sent countless other companies.

The e-mail template should be short, clear and concise.

5. Start Writing

After finding customers and receiving jobs, all you need to do is start writing.

Clients will send you keywords that they want to rank for, and frequently even send you tools they would like you to utilize for the info, and after everything you need to do is start writing.


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