Here Is How You Deal With The Difficult Boss


In an ideal world, we’d all have fantastic managers–directors who helped us succeed, who made us feel valued, and who were just all-around great people.

Sadly, that is not always the case. However, whether the person you work for is a micromanager, has anger control problems, shows favoritism toward one person, or simply is not very capable, you still need to make the best of the situation and get your job done.

To help out, we have gathered the best advice from around the web for dealing with a bad boss. Try over one of those recommendations to get some common ground with your boss–or at least stay sane until you find a brand new gig.

1. Be Sure You’re Dealing With a “Bad Boss”

“Observe your boss for a few days and try to notice just how many things she does well versus poorly. When she is doing something “bad,” attempt to imagine the most forgiving reason it may have happened. Is it really her fault, or can it be something out of her control? ”

2. Identify Your Boss’ Motivation

“if the principles are entirely out of control, attempt to figure out your boss’ motivation. Maybe it’s not really that he really cares about just how long your lunch break takes; he really cares about how it looks to other workers and their superiors. ”

3. Don’t let it Affect Your Work

Regardless of how bad your boss’ behavior, prevent letting it affect your work. You would love to stay on good terms with some other leaders at the business (and keep your job).

“Don’t attempt to even the score by working slower, or taking excess ‘psychological wellness’ times or even longer lunches. It’ll only put you further behind on your workload. ”

4. Stay One Step Ahead

Especially whenever you’re dealing with a micromanager, head off your boss’ requests by anticipating them and getting things done before they come to you.

5. Set Boundaries

Working with somebody who appears to have no boundaries implies that you’ve to move ahead and set them.

“Among the challenges of unlikable individuals is they come with both unlikable behavior–and it’so crucial to understanding how to distance yourself from that behavior.

6. Stop Assuming They Know Everything

Simply because someone has a managerial name doesn’t imply that they’ve all of the right answers, all of the time.

Simply because someone is in a position of authority, doesn’t mean she or he knows what.

7. Act as the Leader

When dealing with an incompetent boss, sometimes it’s best to make some leadership decisions on one’s own.

If you know your area well enough, there’s no reason to never go ahead creating and pursuing a direction you know will attain good results for your business. Individuals who do that are naturally followed by their peers as an informal leader.

8. Identify Triggers

In case your boss has anger control problems, identify what causes her meltdowns and be extra militant about avoiding those.


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