Highest Paying Jobs In India: Discover The Facts

highest paying jobs in Indiahighest paying jobs in inda
highest paying jobs in India

Looking for a career option that rains money? You have hit the right place if you are on a lookout. There are a few highest paying jobs in India you should know if you are one of the many students who, after graduation, wants to know about the various professional opportunities that provide a high pay and a stable job.
We want jobs that provide satisfaction and a stable job and a high income that helps to attain a great social position.
Both government jobs and private jobs provide satisfaction and financial stability. To have a good job, like these, you need to know your skill and ability so that you can fit in the right spot and make a good living for yourself.

1. Commercial Pilot

Getting a pilot license is a dream job that comes with a lifetime of adventures. It is not an easy task to undertake because a person has to be highly skilled and alert, also, he/she has to undergo professional training.
The most important physical requirement of a 6/6 impeccable vision is not there with everyone. For becoming a pilot, one goes through rigorous training and has to be aware of several protocols. A pilot’s job is being entrusted with the lives of so many passengers and hence they have fixed working hours to avoid fatigue. They are handsomely salaried for their commitments. The price a pilot can expect ranges from 2.7-3 lakh per month.The job of a pilot is highly in demand in Delhi. The aviation industry is growing. Delhi, Mumbai and other metropolitan cities are witnessing this growth. It means new jobs not only for pilots but crew members alike will open up in near future.

2. Medical Professionals

Doctors are next to god, they are life savers, they help give birth, keeping people healthy and saving lives. Every 6th doctor is an Indian, also, India has one of the largest populations in the world; this means that there is a high demand of doctors to treat the health problems present within the country. Medical practitioners such as physicians, dentists, doctors, physiotherapists, earn a good amount of money every year; and due to the need of medical specialists, doctors who have a specializing degree are known to earn even more, specially the surgeons. Also, doctors can also have the freedom to have their very own clinic even while working at private and government health institutions, thus creating them a stable flow of income. Medicine being one of the highest paying jobs in India, also gives you the freedom of your own talent recognition.

3. The Merchant Navy

The employees working for the Merchant Navy are known to have a good salary package. The only problem being Merchant Navy only recruits men for their jobs. There are many positions in the Merchant Navy and these include the position of the ship captain, marine engineer, officers, navigation engineer and technical and electrical engineer. To work in the Merchant Navy, you might have to stay away from home for 6 or more months. It is also a great option for young male individuals who have interest in travelling across the sea and are versatile and can adapt well to various situations easily. The annual salary of a Merchant Navy official can go up to 8-15 lakhs. Join them here This is one of the highest paid jobs in India

4. Data Scientist

Data scientology is the highest paying jobs in India If you simply have a knack for numbers, then, this is the job for you. Your prodigious minds can be an asset to the company you work for. You need to be highly skilled at not just math but also machine learning, coding, risk analysis. You need to have critical thinking ability to interpret data and mine data to bring business the solutions that are being looked out for. A data scientist helps to meet the business requirements. With impeccable skills in their field, they contribute to a business significantly. For such important roles, they are rewarded with remuneration of 650,000 INR, p.a on an average. Depending on the experience gained over the years, the salary keeps getting much higher. The best place to work as a data scientist in India would be undoubtedly in our very own silicon valley of Bengaluru. Companies like IBM, Accenture are always looking for a talented data scientist to join their team.

5. Investment Banker

It is such a high earning option that people like Soha Ali Khan have also made a profession out of it. They have one of the most crucial functions in the structure of any company. They are the ones who have to ensure that the organization has enough funds at all times. These professionals not only raise money but also keep investing and they are always on a lookout after all types of mergers and acquisitions. Their primary task is evaluating the worth and strength of almost each business decision in terms of financial viability and sustainability. They have to be aware of stock prices and other nitty-gritty details that can give them a significant amount of competitive advantage over competitors in order to make advancement. On an average, they make about 902,800 INR p.a. HSBC, J.P Morgan, Goldman Sach and many others in Bengaluru offer them handsome compensation for their service. Again, Bengaluru is the place where the highest paying investment bankers seek employment in. Investment bankers also earn commission, so, it also gives more earning opportunity other than just being one of the highest paying jobs in India.

6. Government Jobs
The government of India also pays a lot of capital and revenue as salaries for individuals working in the various government departments and is widely sought after. One can have employment opportunities in various government sectors such as IAS, foreign services, security and defense services, police department and even cabinet and parliament offices. Learn more about governments scheme Akhil Bhartiya rojgar yojna. They will secure you one of the Highest Paying jobs in India. To attain this job, it is necessary that one has to pass the civil services examination held by the government every year. To pass this test requires a lot of handwork and dedication and students often try for years. The only downside of such jobs is the fact that the selection process and recruitment procedures are very tough and not many professionals can enter into the government sector as the screening itself is a 3 step process.

7. IT & Software Engineers

The extensive growth in the computer industry which IT boom has brought in the services sector of India is in itself a proof of why planning a career in this field is a good idea. The top multinational organisations of the world praise the quality of the Indian IT and Software engineers and always look forward for hiring them. The world is moving towards the digital platform and initiatives such as ‘Digital India’ are an added boon for these professionals to join this industry. Education industry, robotics in the manufacturing industry, E-Commerce and everywhere, software engineers are in demand. The initial salary might not be that high but the career growth in this field is.

8. Lawyers / Legal Experts

A career as a lawyer will serve dual interests of serving as a social worker and earn hefty fees for the job done well. As a lawyer, you will never face lack of work because there are lakhs of cases that are very popularly pending in the Indian judicial system that are still stacked and awaiting justice. Also there are many businesses and individuals that hire their personal lawyers and pay hefty sums of money to them. After all, a lawyer has the moral responsibility of acting as protective shield for the organisation from any outside threat. In the era where ‘consumer is the king’, the lawyer helps the organisations to settle the claims and save the brand from getting tarnished. Also an added boon is the status of the lawyer which is looked upon with high esteem and respect. For any legal issues, you will always come to the rescue of the party in trouble. In case you do not wish to get associated with any organisation, you can always begin your personal practise. It is all upto your talent to win and manage the case and client both which will give you name and fame along with the price that you quote for your services.


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