How to make money from quiz? And Have Fun

how to make money from quiz
how to make money from quiz

Who doesn’t need a little side money? An extra wad of cash to be spent on surplus items is a good deal for everyone, and it’s double the fun if it is earned in a fun way. And this article is all about it. Learn how to make money from quiz.
The question is how to make money from quiz the easy and fun way? First you need your Smartphone and a little knowledge. The correct answers will help you make hundreds to thousands of rupees in a single day, i.e. a chance to win real money by tapping on your screens, something that we all actually do the whole day.

How these apps give free money is another thing that pops up?
Many companies and brands have become creative in reaching to potential buyers directly through their smartphones. So, instead of marketing companies spending millions and millions of rupees on traditional advertising methods both indoor and outdoor such as TVs, Radios, Newspapers etc, companies opt for online media more. This helps them to save a lot of money, which they are now passing directly to the customers by paying them and letting them earn extra cash but indirectly using them for advertisements. And here these trivia games enter the market.
There is a quiz for every age group and type, LOCO for students, Healofy for pregnant ladies and much more, read options ahead:

1. LOCO: Trivia game
Currently the number one trivia app, has a prize money ranging from 50,000 to 1,00,000 per quiz played twice a day and sometimes on surprise times as well for the third time. Asks you questions like these and helps you win like this:

They distribute the prize money within all the users, and if no one wins, the prize money is carried forward. With the help of a little general knowledge and an app downloaded from google play, you can win real money.

2. Healofy

Healofy is another app that is a platform for expectant and current mothers that gives out free money every day with a quiz that starts at 9pm. They make money by selling out maternity stuff like belts and baby items like diapers. If you buy something through them, they give you money again, that goes into your PayTM wallet.


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