Love Cooking? Turn Your Passion Into A Promising Career


Endless opportunities can be found in the culinary sector for all those intrigued in establishing a career in this discipline. With the upsurge in the resort and the hospitality sector, trained and expert Chefs are in good need to run meals and drinks departments of industries which range from restaurants, hotels, corporate catering, food processing businesses, hotels, airlines, cruise prices, etc.

The job titles in the food service institutions can be classified as.

  • Executive Chef/ Head Chef – In addition known as the Chef de cuisine, an executive chef is in charge of all of the food service operations of a restaurant or a hotel kitchen. The executive chef is in control of everything within the kitchen and their duties include planning menu, determining serving sizes, ordering materials for meals, the direction of kitchen staff and supervising kitchen operations in ensuring that the food quality and presentation remains consistent. Head chef/cook is frequently known as someone with the very same responsibilities as an executive chef, but there’s usually someone in control of them, possibly producing the bigger executive decisions like the direction of a menu, final jurisdiction in personnel management decisions, etc. Executive Chef/ Head Chef has a common liability for the meals which comes out from the kitchen.
  • Sous Chef – Sous Chef also known as sub chef is the assistant of Executive chef. They’re accountable for the secure functioning in the absence of the executive chef. They’re in charge of inventory, cleanness of the kitchen, organization and continuous training of all employees. The sous chef can also do some real cooking, for example, stepping in to replace one of the line cooks if necessary.
  • Station Chef/ Chef de Partie – Known by different names, these folks are responsible for a certain area of the kitchen such as Chinese, French, Italian, Continental, banquet, pastry, etc. The functions at an assigned station that’s provided with the components and equipment required for grilling, cooking veggies, making sauces, etc. In small restaurants, station fighter is the only worker in that department.
  • Line Cooks – Commis / Line cooks is the entry-level position in the bigger kitchen that functions under Station Chef or Chef de Partie to learn the channel’s duties and operation. An individual that has lately completed formal culinary training or undergoing coaching can combine as a commis. They’re assigned specific responsibilities within the kitchen and are further classified as :

– Pastry Chef / Patissier: They supervise the production of baked products like pastry, bread, cakes, chocolates, biscuits, desserts, etc.

– Pantry Chef / Garde Manger: These cooks are accountable for cold food preparation, like salads, cold beers along with other dishes.

Expediter – Expediter, the bridge between the kitchen and the waiting staff, is the person in charge of coordinating orders. They should be acquainted with the menu and also know exactly what the dishes should look like before being served to guests.


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