Love Or Career: How To Choose?

Love or Career
Love or Career

Love and Career are the two terms that make you feel content. Without these two pillars a person will always find a part missing in their lives regardless of everything else working out great. But, what if you have to choose between them? Let’s have a look at this question in a scientific way. There is a theory, “Maslow’s theory of human motivation” that gives us a hierarchical model.

Love or Career
The physiological needs are the basic needs of food and sanitization, the security of being alive, and then comes love that makes all of us feel complete. We all create love out of strong, personal bonds. It gives us the assurance that we are not alone in the world and thus we live in a community as a family. Thus, love holds the world around us.

Also, we all love money and that creates a drive for us to work harder and run businesses which takes us to the fourth slab in the pyramid that is esteem. Esteem is achieved when you are proud with your earnings, and when you achieve the lower four slabs, you tend to move to self-actualization, that is the very last category of contentment in our lives.

What to do when you have to Choose between Love and Career?

Ask yourself these two questions:

Where will your next meal come from?
If this one is sorted for you, ask yourself the second.

Is your spouse worth it?
In this tinder era, you can be a girl/guy their spouse is jealous of, or you can become their spouse and become Robin to their Batman for love. But all this can be devastating when your life doesn’t permit a balance between your Love or Career. Striking a balance is very necessary, even on a smaller scale e.g. being on call with your loved one while working on a financial report might not be a very good idea. Even in your grad school, take care, because your high school sweetheart might not be worth sacrificing your professional life.

Love is special and difficult to find, there are a lot of hits and misses to find that one true love, and that’s what makes it so rare. Falling in love may be easy but staying in love and making a whole relationship out of it needs two people that understand each other and are selflessly together. Do you have that relationship that makes you feel lucky at the end of the day? Or are you staying in it to avoid the fear of being alone or just because of some dumb peer pressure for joining the cult?

If you decide to become Robin to their Batman and give up on getting a better professional life, here are questions you better have the answer for:

Would you ever forgive yourself?
Most lovers who choose love over career to feel guilty and regretful of their decision the very next time they have a fight or argument.

Will the loss of a professional life make you feel bitter?
Bitterness is a slow killer of relationships that throws love out of the window the moment it walks through the door. If you ever do regret giving up on your career, your bitterness would turn into hatred towards your partner. Especially when there’s less money around to call your own.

When Your Choice Is Career
This decision too has its repercussions, and thus before making this choice you need to make sure:
1] Will you find a partner that is as loving and caring like the one you already have?
2] Will you miss that person so much that it ruins your life?

Well, if you can safely answer the above questions and not regret that later, then you have a life where there are the so many pros:
1] There is no one to hold you back.
2] The career comes with opportunities, relationships don’t.
3] You don’t really have to worry about splurging on your likes as you literally have earned it.

Also, dressing up for work is easier than dressing up for dates!!

Now, we all know that life is never black and white, but the middle grey road is always that you have to travel. And at the end of the day, you want to earn more money to create happy memories and spend more time with the one you love. But if making money means having to give up on love, what are you fighting for anyways.

Getting The Best of Both The Worlds

Make Time for Each Other and Don’t Pass It Up
No matter how busy you are at work, you’ll always have some personal time, even if it is a coffee break. Look for opportunities to spend time together, and don’t pass it up. You might not be able to stop the work clock, but you can still do a late-night binge watch session. Even if you have to take a vacation day to get some quality time in with your partner, it’s definitely worth it. Put phones and computers away, and be present in the moment.

Find out your current Priority
Prioritizing means recognizing where you need to focus most of your attention in this particular moment and where you can let things go a little off track. If things are stable with your job, it would be okay to slow down and go on a date with your significant other. If you’re worried about maintaining a good reputation at work, and your love life is in a good place, pour a little extra into your job.

Have faith
Your partner is probably working hard on his/her career as well. He’ll also have things that are personally important, and he’ll want your support. While you’re focused on balancing your career and personal life, give adequate attention to your partner’s priorities.

Stay Connected
Keep connected with small texts and forwarded jokes, they never make you feel empty. A sweet phone call on a slow afternoon, or a weekly lunch date can make a huge difference in the stability of your relationship.

Balance Your Sacrifices
No relationship works without sacrifice. Sometimes, career needs to be sacrificed as well. Recognize that this might mean spending fewer hours in the office or minimizing your travel arrangements. Also, make sure that you are not the only one who is making sacrifices.

The choice is always yours; just make sure to stick to it.


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