Media And Entertainment Industry: A Pool Of Opportunities


A profession in the media and entertainment industry is a thrilling one. It is filled with incredible opportunities and is a profession which can keep you continuously on your toes. In this world of instant communication, the press remains at the core of the foundation. Print press has stood the test of time with a host of publications, dailies, fortnightly, weeklies, monthly all giving details about events with nutritional supplements of suggestions and comments by learned people. And while it’s still active, the concept is shifting towards digitization and is, therefore, quicker, more accessible, and allows for ease of updating.

After having completed Bachelors in Mass Media, further studies were a large concern for them, which ’s when stumbled upon PGME app at Welingkar. their expertise was fulfilling due to the selection of subjects covered, from Event Management, Movie Marketing, PR, Digital Online Marketing, Film Distribution, etc. “The course is essential for any student who aspires to make a career in the market due to the wonderful professors who are industry experts themselves, with a rich experience, knowledge, and insights. And due to the dwell projects that students get to be a part of. It is a complete package and gives a total understanding of the media and entertainment industry”,

The students have moved on to pursue careers in Marketing, Brand Management and Communication businesses, Digital, Television, Print and Radio companies, Film Production and Distribution companies, Celebrity and Sports Management companies, Advertising and PR companies, and Event and Entertainment companies. Taking into consideration the diversity of the media industry, the sky is the limit with respect to the opportunities in this industry. We’ve listed a few below, but bear in mind your choice of career has to be something that’s of absolute interest to you.

Event Manager — accountable for planning and smooth-sailing of events, as well as venue direction — technicals, décor, catering, etc
Journalist — a broad ranged career where one can cover daily happenings, events, and press conferences, write articles for publications and internet sites, anchor information for information stations, and a lot more
Marketing Manager– promote products, services, and brands. You may also pursue Strategic Marketing, Product Marketing, Business Analysis, Branding
Advertising executive — Supervise advertising campaigns along with the staff and oversee all the components of the campaign, such as product development and promotion, account management and client relationship maintenance. 
PR Executive — Handle the info between organizations or individuals and the general public. Encourage clients to their intended audiences through news items, information release, and product placements


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