Need A Start-Up Idea? Start Your Own Online Grocery Store


Launching an online grocery business became very popular startup idea to the budding entrepreneurs nowadays. A lot of people including working professionals have started ordering grocery online. Consequently, achievement in the on-line grocery business is for sure.

Measures to start on-line grocery business in India

1) Identify/decide Shipping region

A major step in starting a grocery business is identifying the shipping region or areas you’ll be serving. As new grocery store or veggies may be delivered to a restricted radius of the shipping area, you need to plan accordingly to install your workplace, warehouse or tie-up with local grocery shops to fulfill order easily.

Additionally, you need to consider analyzing your identified regions geographic, cultural and eating regular including no. Of families, the population of young, urban, educated, suburb families, elderly singles, etc..

2) Register your business

It’s time to go ahead and enroll your firm/company (if you’re an individual you better start with sole proprietorship company or whenever you’ve partners continue with LLP registration) too, get Value added tax, Service Tax, Sales tax submission.

Any registered tax consultant or chartered accountant will assist you to complete these formalities.

3) The arrangement of inventory / Listing grocers in the area and talk partnership opportunities

There are two strategies to keep inventory or stock, either you may keep your stock ready on your warehouse or you can tie-up with local grocery stores initially.

The very best way to start is by organizing a list of goods (with their margins) you would love to maintain in the warehouse and accordingly, a tie-up with grocers who’ll be intrigued within this multi-vendor business model.

4) Develop a local delivery system / Finalise delivery modules

As grocery business depends on home delivery, sometimes it becomes a matter of concern. Often times same day shipping option may not be possible due to unavailability of automobiles that make customer frustrated. Confirming the order and after that not delivering the same would be the worst scenario.

5) Development of Web site and Program

This measure is the backbone of the comprehensive process of starting your grocery electronic commerce store. Invest some time and thought into your goals and anticipation for your agency. Following the launch of your new site, a fantastic company will maintain a healthful relationship with you.

6) Payment Procedures

As all orders will be delivered to customer doorstep, you may use COD (Cash on Delivery) as a primary mode of accepting payments. Taking money will be easy as your delivery boys will be delivering the merchandise to the customers and thus you’ll get the same payday, unlike on-line payments where you need to wait around for remittance from payment gateway endings.

7) Marketing / Client Acquisition 

You can easily market your online grocery in a local paper, pamphlets, Bulk SMS, hoardings, door-to-door visits, culture meetings, and local Search engine optimization is also preferable.


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