Put Your Inter-Personal Skills To Use: Be A Customer Relationship Manager


Customer Relationship Management at its most elementary level is a way for you to track your interactions and relationships with your clients/clients. Customer Relationship Management stands for “Client Relationship Manager” but you’ll discover that distinct CRM’s in the marketplace have varying value propositions on why you have to use them and dependant upon that one you use depends on what you’re seeking to get out of it.

Preferably, your Customer Relationship Management must do the following at its most elementary level!

1. Easily import, manage and sync your customer lists from various sources
For obvious reasons, because you might want to have a Customer Relationship Management you’ll actually use. 

2. Capacity to add action 
This is great because you can log the last contact with the customer or schedule a follow up to reach out. 

3. The capability to make and search through notes 
You might choose to add notes like where this lead came out of and history on the account. 

4. Custom fields 
These are things you may wish to add to your customers that are unique to your organization like a renewal date or spouses name. 

5. Communication Within the application 
Having the capacity to speak with your customer via e-mails, text messages etc is great but using a system that will automatically log this to you is ideal. 

6. Categorizing and tagging 
For example, you may wish to section and categorize your customers based on industry. This way you can run reports or search volume by industry later on.

7. History on the account 
If you’re working with an integrated system then you will need anything you do like statements and estimates attached to this customer so you develop a history on the accounts. 

Some additional bonuses to look for could include: 

1. Automated Follow-ups and reminders
The capacity to automatically send an e-mail or schedule a reminder will assist make certain you don’t let any earnings or chances slip throughout the cracks. 

2. Leads and Deal pipelines 
Preferably your Customer Relationship Management would have a revenue pipeline tool for you to different customers from leads and drag them through your sales pipeline. Not only that, but the capacity to convert a lead to your customer and keep all the history is favored. 

3. Project management and task manager 
Being in a position to delegate jobs and tasks to yourself or should you work with a team is a big plus in my book. 

4. Document management 
Many cloud-based solutions provide file storage but one advantage of an integrated system is it may have its own document management, allowing you to keep track of customer documents and contracts for example.

5. Email customer to ship, schedule and track emails 
Occasionally I work late afternoon so it helps if there’s a way to schedule e-mails to be routed and see if my e-mails were available or clicked. 


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