Qualities of a good manager-Be the Best

qualities of a good manager
qualities of a good manager

As a manager, you have the power to make or break your organisation as you lead all the human resources. The better you make it, the better are your chances to succeed in the hierarchy of the organization. Here are some qualities of a good manager you must follow for an efficient leadership.

1. Knowing How To Be In Command
Being a manager means you know how to be riendly with your staff, but within a line. Getting into all their jokes and mockery will make you too friendly with them and you might have trouble later making them take you seriously. Keeping an eye on the goal and giving proper directions, tackling goals both work-wise and emotionally and taking a firm stand is what you actually require.This is one of the qualities a good manager

2. Managerial Courage
One of the main qualities of a good manager is his or her managerial courage. They are the ones who take responsibilities for all the actions performed whether right or wrong. They need to recognize what needs to be said and done, most importantly to whom. Sharing the problem and solution or asking for the solution from the team also takes up a lot of courage. Managerial courage is basically taking the storm along with its ambiguity.

3. Have A Goal And Communicate It
The major quality of a good manager is setting the goal, but it is useless if the communication used is ineffective. Giving a clear guideline on how and when to complete the tasks and conveying it in an efficient format is important, so that it is very clearly understood by everyone and then collaborated and done by the manager.


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