Qualities That Define A Good Mentor


What Is a Mentor?.

A mentor is an individual that provides you with the tools, guidance, support, and feedback you need to thrive in your career. They are frequently someone who is gone down the exact same road you are on currently and can be there to advise you on what they have done and what is worked for their quo, says Muse profession coach Brad Finkeldei.

Just about everyone can function as your career mentor, a buddy, a buddy of a buddy, a family member, a graduate of yours college, a co-worker or a peer, a current or a former boss, someone you got to know through a networking event. A mentor is not someone you admire from afar. They ought to be in a position to play a constant role in your life for a period of time.

What Are the Qualities of a Good Mentor?

Not many mentors are made equal. The best mentors share a few vital qualities. You will want to look for these attributes in anyone you are thinking about creating a mentor-mentee relationship with. And if you are seeking to be a better mentor yourself, these qualities are worth noting.

1.Relevant Experience or Knowledge.

It might seem clear, but your mentor should, most of the time, have some kind of pertinent background. Maybe they are a few levels or names ahead of you personally or have worked in the area you are intrigued in for some time. However, they ought to be in a position to help propel you forward because they have was there, seen the landscape, and know exactly what it can take to be successful.

2. Enthusiasm for Sharing That Experience.

Just as crucial because your mentor having expertise is them being willing to share it with you. They need to not be somebody who fervently hands over knowledge and expects figurative payment in return, nor if they disclose things in a vague, manipulative fashion. Rather, they ought to be open and excited to spread the word.

3. A Respectful Attitude.

You do not want somebody who criticizes you emotionally and unconstructively, mistreats you or others close to you, and finally gives you a bad name. This makes for an unsuccessful and frustrating partnership.

How Do You Spot These Qualities to Discover a Great Mentor?

Ask yourself these questions to see if somebody in your life will be a good mentor.

  • Should you say yes, to many or all of them, chances are they’d be the right match for you:
  • Is it clear they’ve real experience walking the exact same route as you?
  • Do they seem to invest in and love being part of others success?
  • Are they are good at giving and receiving feedback?
  • Do they speak in an honest and respectful manner?
  • Are they spent on their very own growth and development?
  • Do they see the value in investing in growth and development generally?


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