Save tax-Investment in Health Insurance- SAVE MONEY Legally!

Save Tax-Investment in health Insurance
Save Tax-Investment in health Insurance

There are some things in life we rarely make time for, the foremost being our health, it deteriorates with our daily lifestyle, and leaves us on the beds of most expensive hospitals. Our government, always tries for our welfare, and in these circumstances, it has introduced Section 80D, under which, there’s a tax exemption when you invest in Health insurance. In short, Save tax-investment in health insurance.

Money is an object needed in every stance of life, we earn money, spend money, and save money. We save for all the difficulties or emergencies we might encounter in future, and god forbid it might be a medical emergency.
The costs of medical procedures are well known to everyone. 60% of the bankruptcies are due to medical emergencies. There is no standard that determines what a hospital charges for a particular service or procedure. Many factors contribute into hospital pricing, including an individual’s health circumstances, the cost of lab tests, X-rays, surgical procedures, operating room and post-surgical costs, medications, and doctors’ and specialists’ fees. but you can survive all this
Save tax-investment in health insurance.

2018 Average Costs for Common Surgeries

  • heart valve replacement: $170,000
  • heart bypass: $123,000
  • spinal fusion: $110,000
  • hip replacement: $40,364
  • knee replacement: $35,000
  • angioplasty: $28,2000
  • gastric bypass: $25,000
  • cornea: $17,500

Also the type of hospital and room charges they have, you might have to spend 1-20 lakh INR in the hospital, and not everyone has that kind of money ready.


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