Top Technical Blogs You Should Be Following


Education is growing fast. Every day, we hear about some new technology which will change the world and the way we learn in it. At Brainscape, we’re devoted to enhancing the way you learn with our own innovative smart flashcard technology, however, there is numerous other educational technology which is key to enhancing learning around the globe. Since these rapid changes offer us the chance to improve education at every level for all people, it’s much more important today than ever before in the past for teachers and students to have access to the best new procedures, programs, and devices in the area right away.

Fortunately, many dedicated educators blog about a few of the best education technology accessible and the evolution of their applications. These 10 blogs are our favorites at Brainscape. Smart, pithy, and instantly useful, these blogs will teach you plenty about the best and most up-to-date technology for use inside classrooms, at home, and where there are students who wish to learn.

Top Education Tech Blogs

1. The Innovative Educator

In case you’ve ever felt that college was dull or irrelevant, the Complex Educator, Lisa Nielson, understands how you are feeling. Inspired by her very own disillusionment with the way public schools today strategy instructing, Nielson focuses on showing other educators ways that they can use publicly accessible sources and technology already within students’ grasps to make classes more engaging and relevant. Not only does Nielson deal with broad ideas about technology from the class area, but additionally the nitty-gritty details of implementation, so that educators will be capable to utilize her ideas without needing to struggle against a spending budget process or other constraints.

2. The Daring Librarian

Gwyneth Jones, the Daring Librarian herself, knows that librarians may have plenty of fun. Approaching ed-technology with a sense of humor and a good deal of both Vines and cartoons to illustrate her stories, Jones writes a website that entertains as it informs. Not only does she provide plenty of excellent content on new applications and ideas about how to use daily internet sites as learning opportunities, but additionally a good measure of fun stories that might have you laughing out loud.

3. EdTech RoundUp

With weekly posts on the state of technology in education, EdTech RoundUp is the best location to go to find out the latest information related to education technology. The comprehensive coverage of information and lately released applications and apparatus allows you to discover the latest happenings in just one place every week.

4. Edudemic

Easily the largest hub for education content out there, Edudemic provides teachers with advice, ideas, and lesson plans to better incorporate technology in the class area. Whilst a visit to this website can be a bit overwhelming at first due to the sheer number of attention-grabbing content, you’ll be capable to find new ideas which make your visit worth your time. 


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